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About the programming services

How does this work? Just call or e-mail, we'll set up an appointment, I'll meet you at your convenience, and program your radio with all of the radio systems listed below. You'll get the special quick-start documentation, and I'll go over the operation of your radio with you. The whole process takes about an hour.


Your radio will immediately be ready to use, and you will receive special quick-start documentation to help you use your radio quickly. In addition, you will receive hands-on, one-on-one instruction in the use of your radio so you can get the most out of it. After it's programmed, you can call or e-mail with any questions you might have.

Programming includes frequencies, trunking talk groups, and alpha tags to identify what you are hearing. In other words, all the things you would want to put into the radio yourself.

Radio systems included in all GRE, Radio Shack, and Whistler programming are:
  • Denver Public Safety (including Police, Fire, and Ambulance)
  • Denver Public Works (including other city functions such as Streets, Water, Zoo, etc)
  • Denver International Airport (including airport operations and aviation frequencies)
  • Aurora (including Police, Fire, and Public Works)
  • Lakewood (including Police, West Metro Fire, and Public Works)
  • Arvada (including Police, Fire, and Public Works)
  • Westminster (including Police, Fire, and Public Works)
  • Wheat Ridge (including Police, Fire, and Public Works)
  • Adams County agencies
  • Arapahoe County agencies
  • Boulder County agencies
  • Broomfield County agencies
  • Douglas County agencies
  • Elbert County agencies
  • Jefferson County agencies
  • Weld County agencies
  • Larimer County agencies
  • Security, ambulance, and other interesting frequencies
  • Metro Denver aviation frequencies

Each county's programming includes the cities and agencies in those counties, plus the Colorado State Patrol channels for that area. This programming will fill 99% of the capacity of most radios (except the new Uniden 436/536, which have nearly infinite capacity).

Uniden and the better Whistler scanners have even more capacity, and will be programmed with everything listed above, and much, much more!

Also available: you just choose the radio you want, with our help if you wish, and it will be delivered to you completely programmed, with the complete programming service as listed above.

Denver Radio is owned and operated by Curt Mann, a retired Fire Department Dispatcher.
Curt has 32 years of emergency dispatch experience, and 45 years of radio experience, including military communications, and 25 years as an amateur radio operator. He has been programming trunking scanners since the first Uniden Bearcat trunk-tracker radio was introduced in 1997.
He takes pride in his programming. He will help you understand scanning, and will show you how to use your radio!

Denver Radio clients include:
  • 4 Denver television stations
  • 2 daily newspapers
  • A national wire service
  • News and traffic reporting departments serving 12 radio stations in Denver and Colorado Springs
  • Restoration companies
  • Police officers, firefighters, news photographers, and citizens who want to know what their government is doing.


  • You.

Radio Firmware Upgrades
The Uniden BCD-396T and BCD-996T scanners require firmware upgrades to Version 3.00 or higher to receive the Denver Public Safety trunk system. This upgrade is a complicated process. Uniden has details on this upgrade on their website. The latest upgrade is 3.02.02. Upgrades above 3.00 fix some rather obscure problems, which are described on the above Uniden website link.
The latest BCD-396XT firmware is 1.10.0, February 2012, and details are available here. The latest BCD-996XT firmware is 1.06.0, February 2012, and details are available here. To find out what firmware version you have, press the menu button (the lower rubber key on the left side of the 396), go to SETTINGS, and select SCANNER INFO.
GRE has also released firmware upgrades periodically for their scanners. The latest for the PSR-500/600 is Version 2.3, June 4 2015. To find out what firmware version your radio currently has, turn your scanner on and as soon as the "Welcome Screen" is showing, immediately press the "3" key.  The version number will be displayed.
GRE has sold the rights to produce their line of scanners to Whistler.  They are now producing the original GRE scanners, and several new models.
Denver Radio can install these upgrades for you, as well as providing updated radio system and channel programming at the same time.  The cost of the firmware upgrade is $75, and programming update at the same time is an additional $75.