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Forty years of radio experience at your service

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WHAT IS P25 Phase 2?
Denver Radio can completely program your scanner.
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Denver Radio provides complete professional scanner programming for any model of Radio Shack, Uniden Bearcat, Whistler, or GRECOM scanner. Your scanner will be ready to use immediately. Programming is limited only by the capabilities of the radio itself.
To find out if your scanner can receive the radio systems you are interested in, go to 
Denver Radio's Scanner Buyer's Guide or Denver Radio's scanner table.

Today's scanners are much more complicated than ever before, and you don't want to spend hours and hours trying to understand the manual and researching frequency and trunk system information just to try to make your scanner work like you want it to.
The programming service includes:
  • frequencies
  • talk groups
  • alpha tag programming (channel names, not just numbers)
  • specialized documentation developed by Denver Radio
  • personalized one-on-one instruction in the use of your radio.

Just e-mail or call, and we'll set up an appointment. I'll meet you at a convenient place, program your radio, go over the operation of the radio, and give you all the helpful information sheets I've developed over the years. This will give you a running start on using your radio, which will be completely ready to use.

Do you have the new Uniden 436 or 536 or the EZ-Scan?  It's even easier!  Now you can get a micro SD card for your radio that just plugs in, and immediately gives you all the great Denver Radio programming!  A completely programmed micro SD card is also available for the EZ-Scan series of scanners, which includes the GRE PSR-800, Radio Shack PRO-18 and PRO-668, plus the Whistler WS-1080, WS-1088, WS-1090, and WS-1095. Check out the Denver Radio accessories page.

Also available: you choose the radio you want, with our help if you wish, and it will be delivered to you completely programmed, with the same complete programming service as listed above.

Information available on these pages:  (click at the side of the page)
  • Our Services More details on the programming service, background and experience, and clients served.
  • News and Events: The latest information on frequencies, talk groups, equipment, and events of interest to you.
  • Accessories and Manuals:Things that will help make your scanning more enjoyable, and free downloads of scanner manuals direct from the manufacturer.
  • Which Radio Do I Need?:Will your radio receive the agencies you want to monitor?
  • Home Patrol Road Test: The new Uniden Home Patrol is very different from any previous scanner. Read more about it.
  • Colorado Radio Systems: What kind of radio system is being used in Colorado counties? Do you need a trunking scanner? Do you need a digital scanner?
  • Scanning Questions and Resources : Information that will help you understand what you are hearing, and help you hear more.
  • Contact Us:For more information, and how to arrange to have your radio programmed by Denver Radio, and to sign up for periodic scanning updates.

for amateur radio information

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 Why should you call Denver Radio?
Denver Radio programming will save you many, many hours trying to research, organize, and program information in your radio. Your radio will be quickly programmed so you can monitor in a logical, organized way, and find what you want to hear easily.
Denver Radio has been programming trunk tracking scanners since they were introduced in 1997, and has experience in programming and using every model.
You will receive specialized documentation developed by Denver Radio, and one-on-one instruction on the use of your radio.
Denver Radio provides programming and consulting services to numerous Denver media clients, including television, newspaper, radio, freelance photographers, and citizens.
Denver Radio can keep your radio up-to-date when radio systems change so your radio keeps on working.
If you want to try to program your radio yourself, frequency, talk group, and other information is available at Radio Reference.

Software for GRE/Radio Shack radios is available at Starrsoft,
and Butel has software for GRE/Radio Shack and Uniden radios.
Just keep in mind that the GRE and Radio Shack digital radios have over 1,800 channels, and the Uniden models have a capacity of either 6,000 or 25,000 channels.  The Uniden 436 and 536 series have an almost unlimited number of channels.
This would be a major job to do yourself. For example, each channel of a GRE/RS radio has 18 different parameters to be set. If you don't want to try to figure this all out, just call.
Denver Radio
phone 720 248-SCAN (7226)